My name is Calvin TerBeek. I decided to start this blog when I could not find a blog geared toward judicial politics. There are certainly many legal blogs by legal academics and The Monkey Cage is required reading for anyone interested in politics, but I wanted to create a blog that looked at judicial politics from a political science perspective. I think that requires taking a long view — that is, longer pieces about larger issues rather than reaction posts to (say) the latest Supreme Court decision. My C.V. is below.


University of Chicago

Ph.D. Student in Political Science

Fields: American Politics, Comparative Politics, and Methodology (Qualitative)

Tulane University School of Law


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

B.A., Political Science (magna cum laude, Honors College, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Sigma Alpha)


 Book Chapters:

 J. Eric Oliver and Thomas Wood with Calvin TerBeek. “Chapter 9 – Divided By Magic,” Enchanted America: Emotion, Metaphor, and Magical Thinking in US Public Opinion, forthcoming University of Chicago Press.


Peer-Reviewed or Faculty-Edited:

TerBeek, Calvin. 2015. “Dog Whistling, the Color-Blind Jurisprudential Regime and the Constitutional Politics of Race,” Constitutional Commentary 30(1): 167-193

Law Reviews and Journals: 

TerBeek, Calvin. 2015. “Originalism’s Obituary,” Univ. of Utah Law Review (Online)

TerBeek, Calvin. 2007. “A Call for Precedential Heads: Why the Supreme Court’s Eyewitness Identification Jurisprudence is Anachronistic and Out-of-Step With the Empirical Reality,” Law and Psychology Review 31: 21-52

TerBeek, Calvin. 2006. “Empiricizing the Equal Protection Approach to Abortion,” McGeorge Law Review 38(3): 775-814.

Working Papers:

TerBeek, Calvin. “Ideological Entrepreneurism and the Diffusion of Originalism, 1980-2015.”

TerBeek, Calvin. “The Paranoid Style and Conservatism in American Political Development, 1917-2017.”

TerBeek, Calvin. “Creating a Constitutional Vocabulary: Translating Constitutional Conservatism from Brown v. Board to Barack Obama.”

Other Writings:

Book Review: The Coming of the Nixon Court by Earl M. Maltz, American Review of Politics (forthcoming 2017).

Book Review: The Burger Court and the Rise of Judicial Right by Michael Graetz and Linda Greenhouse, Law and Politics Book Review 26(7): November 2016.

Book Review: “Politics by Other Means,” The New Rambler Review, May 27, 2015 (review of Judicial Politics in Polarized Times by Thomas M. Keck).

Guest Blogger, The Faculty Lounge, May-June, 2017.

Trump as a Different Kind of Failure,” Balkinization July 25, 2017.

The Puzzle of President Obama and the Reconstructive Presidency,” Balkinization Jan. 5, 2016.

The Cognitive Dissonance of the New Originalism” 2008 (unpublished manuscript). 

“Texas Should Keep the Top 10% Admissions Rule,” Austin American-Statesman Feb. 12, 2008.

“Unify the State’s High Courts,” Austin American-Statesman May 9, 2007.

Academic and Volunteer Activities

Teaching Assistant, “Introduction to American Politics,” Ruth Bloch Rubin (Fall 2017)

Teaching Assistant, “The Political Nature of the American Judicial System,” Gerald N. Rosenberg (Winter 2018)

Teaching Assistant, “Introduction to Constitutional Law,” Gerald N. Rosenberg (Winter 2017)

Research Assistant to J. Eric Oliver (Summer 2017 and Summer 2016)

Research Assistant to Ruth Bloch Rubin (Summer 2016)

Community Service: The Innocence Project (New Orleans, Louisiana); honored by Tulane University School of Law for over 270 volunteer hours at the Innocence Project

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